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admin — July 9, 2005, 11:34 pm

Sleeping & Ford: a Recurring Issue?

So recently I posted about a crazy kid going without sleep for a stinking Ford, but as you probably know, when you miss out on sleep it eventually catches up with you. Another Ford fan recently thought he would catch a few winks in his truck, and some random gangsters decided to beat him: Francisco […]

admin — , 11:23 pm

Sleep Walking Boring, When Compared to Sleep Climbing

Look, its a bird, its a plane… no, it’s a sleep climber! Imagine this…One minute you’re fast asleep in bed, deep in dream world, the next you’re curled up on a narrow concrete beam atop a 40 metre high crane with a firefighter on his way up to rescue you! This was where a 15 […]

admin — , 11:15 pm

Trucks Overrated…100 Hours without Sleep for a Stinking FORD

YUCK. Some twit went without sleep for 100 hours to win a Ford: Student Mark Pious, 20, from Johor, has two reasons to smile — he won a brand-new Ford Ranger XLT 4X2 automatic and a place in Malaysia’s Book of Records for placing his palm on the truck for 100 hours, without sleep!

admin — July 4, 2005, 11:05 am

Bed Bugs? Well Bugs Need Their Sleep Too!

A recent article in Newsday states they believe flies sleep, react to caffiene by sleeping less, and make up for restless periods by sleeping more the following day. They also talk about how mammals die when deprived of REM: In humans (or our dogs), an EEG (electroencephalogram) can trace the distinctive electrical waves of a […]

admin — , 10:49 am

Is Your Baby Crying at Night Keeping you Awake? Feel for the Dolphins…

An article about bottlenose dolphins and killer whales states that new mothers go with little sleep for months at a time: Scientists have discovered that baby bottlenose dolphins do not sleep at all during their first month of life. Their mothers hardly get a moment’s rest, either. They begin to sleep normally again only after […]

admin — , 8:22 am

While You Were Sleeping…

Brutal news related to sleepers worldwide: car lands on sleeping man teen breaks into random house, sleeps on random couch sleeping man shot to death sleeping man set on fire What the hell is up with all of that?

admin — , 8:04 am

Masks for Sleep Apnea

Some people strugle to sleep at night because they get inadequate oxygen levels. Many things can contribute to the condition called sleep apnea. Some of the more typical things helping to cause sleep apnea are obesity, smoking, alcohol, and other drugs. The solution for some is a sleeping mask: Dr. Puchalski prescribed nightly C-Pap treatments […]

admin — July 3, 2005, 10:30 pm

Sleep Apnea & Darvocet Cause Police Officer Sleeps on the Job

Sleeping police officer resigns after being caught sleeping on the job: He did not return phone calls, but in documents released by the Winter Haven Police Department, Bissett, 42, said he suffers from sleep apnea and takes Darvocet, a prescription pain reliever. Bissett never disclosed those things to supervisors until the internal investigation. During the […]