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admin — April 1, 2007, 1:21 am

Ambien Finally to Get Warning Label About Sleep Driving

The Food and Drug Administration finally is getting around to labeling the sleep driving risks for those ingesting sleeping pills: We have heard from others who have also reported “sleep driving” while under the influence of Ambien. This has finally gotten the attention of the Food and Drug Administration. The agency will require new warnings […]

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Forgetting Mother’s Day = Guilt + Bad Sleep!

Last year I forgot to send my mom flowers for Mother’s Day. My step dad called and told me my mother was crying. I was unable to sleep for a few days, and have been trying to make up for it this year by planning for Mother’s Day 2007 in advance. So far flowers and […]

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Yoga Helps You Sleep Better than Sleeping Pills?

The Telegraph reports about an upcoming research project which aims to show Yoga helps people reach stage IV sleep sooner. Cutting-edge science is trying to explain how the traditional Indian system of meditation and exercises calms the mind — by mapping changes in the brain during sleep and while awake. The study will begin soon […]