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Sleep Walking Boring, When Compared to Sleep Climbing

Look, its a bird, its a plane… no, it’s a sleep climber!

Imagine this…One minute you’re fast asleep in bed, deep in dream world, the next you’re curled up on a narrow concrete beam atop a 40 metre high crane with a firefighter on his way up to rescue you!

This was where a 15 year old British girl found herself the other night after one sleep walking venture nearly cost her her life!

the article offers more background on sleep walking:

Sleep walking affects 18% of the population and appears to be more prevalent in children and teenagers.

It affects around 3% of adults and some of the more famous people to suffer with it include Jennifer Aniston who set off her house alarm once while sleep walking.

A legal debate also ensued in the early 90’s after a Queensland man was charged with murder for a crime he claimed was committed in his sleep. A Canadian man was acquitted of murder in 1987 after he drove to his mother-in-laws house and stabbed her to death, in his sleep!

I only remember one sleep walking event in my life. I was in bootcamp in the military and I swore somebody shook me to wake me. I, while sleepwalking, got up in a rage looking for who it was that woke me.

I couldn’t find them and so I went back to what I thought was my bed, but somebody was already in it. So then I went down to what I thought was my bed, but somebody was in it. Finally the watch noticed I was causing problems and lead me back to my bed.

Nobody ever told me about it, and I didn’t know what was going on at that time, but for some reason to this day I vividly remember the sleep walking incident. Usually when you sleep walk you don’t remember.

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