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Justifying the Cost of a Good Bed

When you go to sleep your body heals to make up for the damage the day has done.

Sleep is a dynamic, constructive time of healing and growth for animal organisms. The simple substances which have been ingested during the catabolic (awake) period are synthesized into the complex proteins of living tissue. The waking life of animal organisms is a dynamic, destructive time because the organisms’ complex proteins are torn down and exhausted as they are used for activities including locating and ingesting preformed organic molecules to meet the immediate energy needs of the wakened state and to provide the building block proteins which fuel the anabolic dynamics that occur during sleep.

If you are sleeping on an uneven surface which does not properly support your spine you may end up with lower blood flow and minimize the amount of healing that occurs while you are sleeping. A poor sleeping surface can not only halt the healing process but can also cause additional damage.

Quality sleep is an important part of a balanced lifestyle. Sleep can effect your hunger, your mood, and even your ability to thik clearly. As the days progress we will review in depth how sleep interacts with other parts of your life.

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