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Relaxing Sleep Music

Not everyone is the same, but I sometimes like to listen to music when I go to sleep. Sometimes I sleep really deep and my dreams are exceptionally vivid when I listen to good sleep music.

I have bought about a half dozen various relaxation music CDs. Randomly I came across one made by a guy name Dean Raskin (I think I found it via Amazon’s recommending engine). The Journey – Deep Relaxation was his first CD that I found, and I instantly loved it. My old roommate’s girlfriend liked it too, so for a while I had to go without as I didn’t have the guts or nerve to try to snag it back.

Before I moved I made sure I got that CD back. 🙂 I don’t listen to it every night, but occassionally it is a great thing to hear. A special treat.

I recently remembered her birthday is in a month, so I bought her that CD, and Dean Raskin’s other CDs. Sunset – Deep Relaxation is his newest disk, and I believe Magic Garden – Deep Relaxation was his first.

I also picked up a copy of Sunset and Magic Garden for me too. I am not sure if I liked the first CD so much because it was so good or so different from other things I have heard or what, but I like Journey more than Dean’s other CDs, although they are still new to me and it would be amazing for them to replace The Journey.

As a job I am a marketer, so I am not sure if he included deep relaxation for branding purposes, or if he was trying to have keyword rich titles. If he was doing it more to show up on various search queries he would have been best to work the words music and CD into some of the titles as well. 😉

One of my trademarks is ALWAYS being overanalytical like that, but I assure you that if you like listening to music when you sleep The Journey is a wise decision.

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